PowerView: download PowerRay content to your computer

This article describes how to download videos and pictures from PowerRay drone SD internal card to your Computer using the PowerView application.

Note: it is also possible to have the pictures and video downloaded using the smartphone application on both iOS and Android devices.

        Note: it is important to connect to PowerRay WiFi network -> PRA_xxxxx , not Fish Finder -> PES_xxxx

  • If PowerRay connection fail – click on the “Connect” button
  • Make sure you have “PowerRay Connected Successfully” message on your application.

        Note: It is important the PowerRay to verify that PowerRay is not connected to any other device such as smartphones or tablets.

  • Click media library and select videos and/or photos.
  • Click “Export” button and select a folder


Modified on: 2020-04-09 13:30

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