What should I do to maintain the PowerRay?

Even though the PowerRay is designed to swim underwater, it is not good if water gets inside the device. The connectors are very fragile, and even a small amount of water can cause serious damage. Here are some essential tips to keep your PowerRay operating at its best:

  • When you screw in the cord attaching the PowerRay to the base station, always ensure that it is screwed in very tightly.
  • Always dive in open water, avoiding underwater plants, such as seaweed.
  • Keep the base station and the remote controller away from water.
  • Never throw the PowerRay into the water; instead, gently immerse it, starting downward from the LED lights.
  • After each immersion, dry the PowerRay off thoroughly. To avoid damage, do not store the device in the suitcase after swimming without drying it off first.
  • When you unscrew the cable from the PowerRay after a dive, cover it with the protective case so that water does not get into the connectors.
  • Never touch the motors while they are spinning.
Modified on: 2020-04-09 13:45

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